What is NFTC?

NFT Combining (NFTC) is the idea of using NFTs to create and run a real-world business that provides employment opportunity and cash flow.

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What is NFTC?

NFT Combining (NFTC) is the idea of using NFTs to create and run a real-world business that provides employment opportunity and cash flow.

The main purpose of NFTC is to ensure a meeting point for people who want to make an investment by purchasing NFT pieces. The system is like bringing together the pieces of a puzzle. All hardware, equipment, goods, and products required in real-world for the creating and building of a workplace belonging to the relevant sector will be sold as NFT collectibles.

When all NFT pieces are purchased by users, we as NFTC Company start a business in the city which is selected by the user who purchased the Base NFT. Base NFT is an NFT piece which grants the right to the user purchasing it to select the city where we start the business after all NFT pieces are purchased. It is like playing a puzzle game in which users try to bring together all pieces.

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  • Q1 - 2022

    This phase involves the development and conceptualization of the project idea. During this period, the project team focuses on shaping the fundamental concepts and establishing a foundation for future developments.

  • Q1 - 2023

    The Investment phase marks the initiation of the NFTC project, securing the necessary funding to start and grow. It's a pivotal moment for the project's expansion and development.

  • Q2 - 2023

    The launch of the NFTC token at a price of $0.1 is a significant milestone, offering participants the opportunity to invest in NFTC and drawing attention to the project.

  • Q4 - 2023

    This phase involves the introduction and integration of NFTC into the MEXC Global Exchange. It aims to provide liquidity and expand the user base.

  • Q1 - 2024

    The launch of the first NFT Forest marks a period when NFTC takes concrete action in the realm of social responsibility. Users come together to support eco-friendly projects.

  • Q2 - 2024

    The implementation of software updates and improvements to the technical aspects of the project. This phase aims to enhance user experience.

  • Q3 - 2024

    The creation of the first E-commerce NFTs and the commencement of digital asset trading. This marks a period when NFTC engages more with the business world.


Significant developments.

MEXC Global NFTC Token
NFTC Token Pre-Sale Successfully Concludes: Next Stop - MEXC Global Listing!

Next Stop - MEXC Global Listing!

11/30/2023, 9:03:38 AM

ahmet turgut buruk
NFT Combining CEO Ahmet Turgut Buruk Recognized as the Innovator of the Year!

NFT Combining's CEO Ahmet Turgut Buruk honored as Innovator of the Year at the 14th Digital World's Best Awards.

11/25/2023, 10:35:17 PM

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The Opening of NFTC Market: Real Value in the Digital World

In recent years, the crypto world and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become a major focus of interest.

11/6/2023, 6:29:43 PM

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NFT Capsule - The Future of Capsule Hotels

The NFT Combining (NFTC) project stands out as a platform that closely follows these developments and encourages innovation.

10/26/2023, 10:38:05 AM

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NFTC Project: The Future of Cafe Businesses

This is where the NFT Combining (NFTC) project offers an exciting opportunity for cafe businesses.

10/21/2023, 10:04:12 PM

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NFTC Market: Where NFTs Meet the Real World

With the rise of digital assets, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are increasingly capturing attention.

10/21/2023, 2:02:56 PM

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NFTC: Nurturing Taekwondo Athletes

The NFT Combining (NFTC) project represents a pivotal moment in the world of cryptocurrency, and this time, it embraces the realm of Taekwondo.

10/10/2023, 9:34:29 PM

Nftc Tree
NFTC Project's First Reforestation Event: Time to Connect with the Earth

The power of the digital world and blockchain technology is showcasing its potential to make positive changes in the real world.

9/27/2023, 10:30:00 AM

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NFTC Airdrop Is Just Around the Corner!

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9/19/2023, 2:20:24 PM

NFTC Token Pre-Sale
NFTC Token Pre-Sale Launch: A Gateway to Innovation

The pre-sale starts at an exciting rate of 0.08.

9/9/2023, 8:49:30 AM